Keruen Park

Children's entertainment center "Keruen Park " is a place where your child will be given an unforgettable holiday.
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Play zones

The uniqueness of our Center is that play zones are aimed only at the active development of children, practically without gaming machines and gadgets.

Jungle Park

the largest and longest labyrinth with obstacles in Astana (80 m. i...

Tarzan Park

rope course, climbing wall, hero trail and also zone, from where yo...

Nemo Park

is a play zone for active games, designed for the youngest children...

Art studio

zone, where kids learn to draw, sculpt, create knick-knackery and h...


Why we

Европейский сертификат
по стандарту безопасности
№DIN EN 1176

В парке нет компьютерных симуляторов,
игровые зоны рассчитаны на развитие
социальных, физических, эмоциональных
и интеллектуальных способностей детей.

Самый длинный лабиринт
протяженностью 1000 метров.
Веревочный парк, скалодромы.

Собственная Food-зона (200
посадочных мест)

Организация детских праздников на
высшем уровне.

Собственная анимационная


“Super Tuesday” discount - 30%!

Every Tuesday we have fun with 30% off all play zones and tariffs.

30% off for birthday child in any given day!

If your child has a birthday, then this is an excellent reason to visit our park, we give a 30% off for only birthday child in any given day and on any play zone.

30% off entertainment with friends.

We are waiting for you with the all class – fellows or big company! “Group” tariff applies for the children groups of 15 people and more.

7th visit as a gift!

Every seventh visit to the play zone as a gift only for the owners of our silicone bracelet! When buying a bracelet, we also give a juice or fries!







How best to hold the holidays? Surely, in KeruenPark!
Bayan Otarbayeva
Aldyar has holidays in school and Dariyusha has also holidays in the kindergarten. How best to hold the holidays? Surely, in KeruenPark! There is not even enough time for all the entertainments we were all day long from morning to evening, the children were playing, and I was sitting on a comfortable sofa and reading my book. And also, here you can eat very tasty, in general, it was great, my grandchildren did not want to leave, we are satisfied!!!
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